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Good Eating


April 17, 2016 – 

Happy Beefday

After a wonderful birthday month of steaks, wines, pizza’s, chocolates, and all of the other delicious delights in life, the number on my scale went UP not down. It’s ok, I can change that with diet and exercise and so can you.

My sweet wife wanted to speed the process up and so imposed her will on me with VEGAN meals and organic products. Guess what … the scale numbers are going down and right away. I think the obvious reason is that foods without all the chemicals and processed ingredients just don’t get stuck in the body thus the body can process our food intake (albeit without artificial flavors or taste) and use the nutrients it needs and send the rest to the dump. It is hard to eat perfectly …HappyHealthyDay

The point of this report is to remind you to eat healthy. Clean up your diet and you will feel better, sleep better, look better, and have a lot more energy. These reasons are no joke, but rather a physical response to eating clean and healthy. So here we are in the middle of April and just 80 days from the 4th of July POOL PARTY month! This means you had better get busy eating clean and training hard. Muscle tones the body!

In good health,

“Thou should eat to live; not live to eat.” ~ Socrates