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Golf Strength Training

Golf Strength Training

A weight lifting for golf program is the quickest way to add yards to your drives and eliminate back pain forever. The golf swing puts a tremendous amount of stress on the body, especially the lower back. Implementing a golf strength training program at F.I.T. Human Performance located in The Woodlands, TX  will prevent and/or reduce times of low back pain and injury.

When it comes to driving distance in golf, it takes an optimum level of strength, especially in the “core muscles”, to produce a high enough swing speed to hit the ball optimum distances.  Power comes from strength, not just practice.

If the “core” isn’t strong enough, you won’t be able to store and generate any power during the backswing and downswing, and into impact.

Trying to swing harder, and outside what your body is capable of doing
, and the result will be more mis-hits and shorter drives due to off-center impact on the clubface. But if you can make a FULL backswing and store that energy in your “core”, you will produce more ‘clubhead’ speed without swinging harder.

The beauty of being stronger, specific to golf is the added benefit of hitting the ball longer, with less effort. This removes the injury factor and improves consistency.  Also the endurance to play all day without exhaustion or injury.

Many golfers think they need to hit MORE balls. That’s not the case. Hitting more balls will only put more stress on their already weak bodies, resulting again in injuries and unlimited time “off the course”.

The main emphasis in regards to a weight lifting for golf program should be your “core”, which is the abdominals, hips, glutes and even the hamstring tie-in. Doing golf strength exercises involving rotational movements will warrant the best, most effective results.  F.I.T. Human Performance in The Woodlands, TX  focuses on rotary force and follow-through.

Golf strength training the woodlands texasRemember, the golf swing is a rotational movement and any golf strength training programs should incorporate a big percent of the golf exercises to rotational movements.  We call this Sport-specific training, GOLF-FIT! Contact us today to schedule your free F.I.T. analysis.