GIFT - FIT Human Performance



December 16, 2012





Tis the Season to be Healthy!  OK, I changed the words to make it applicable for my purpose.  Fact is, here we are at the holidays once again and for those of you/us who did not shop ahead for the family, friends, associates … or in the spirit of giving, your enemies, well then  I have an idea for you!  Gift Individualized Functional Training (better know here as the gift of FIT, just rearrange the letters) It is a happy healthy gift that says volumes about how much you care.  Whether posture, balance, strength, or perhaps pain relief …  it’s a gift that really means something.  Driving gloves, slippers, or another Christmas sweater, really?  Gift Certificates are available and are a great way to start the New Year!  Stocking stuffers are available as well.

Give the GIFT of health and FITness!

In good health,


“Remember this December, that love weighs more than gold!” Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon