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Get Your Motor Running


January 12, 2014GetYourMotorRunning

Motors produce or impart motion, and your body is a motor.  So what we know about motors, like the one in your car, is that the more oxygen that runs into it…the better it runs.  So, more air = better performance.  A good example would be the air intake on your car engine;  a better intake system (like an induction or blower) that forces extra amounts of air or oxygen into the system will insure that the motor works better and more efficiently.  Thus resulting in an increased performance of fuel, power, and cleanliness. BETTER!  All of this via a sensor in the motor that balances the needed parts of fuel, air, and oil.

Now our bodies work in the same exact manner.  If your heart muscle is weak due to lack of exercise and effort, it will not pump large quantities of fuel to the muscles of the body.  If the lungs are not working efficiently (yes, also from lack of cardiovascular exercise) at oxygenating the blood (your fuel), then it is sending out weak, bad, or inefficient fuel for your body.  And, if the working muscles of the body are not effective at utilizing that oxygenated rich blood, then again another weakness in your own motor.  You know that if the motor of a car is taken care of properly, it can run for hundreds of thousands of miles.  Take care of your own body in the same way!

Here is my point – get your motor running!  Begin your new body-strengthening program with the addition of cardiovascular exercise!

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Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very fast.” – Thomas Jefferson