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Get F.I.T. … Get Stronger


June 24, 2012

Strength training is important! You have heard me say it before and I’m going to say it again.

America has a weight problem (heard me say that before too) and there is one simple solution to the problem – lift more weight. Roughly 50% of people report doing moderate exercise three times a week, but only a modest 15% do regular weight training. Those numbers need some serious Pumping Up!

The obvious benefit of lifting weights is, of course, stronger, more toned muscles, but the real advantage is what you don’t see. Strength training helps build stronger bones, something especially important to anyone who is worried about osteoporosis or bone loss. Regular sessions at F.I.T. also protect your joints from injury and can even help you control your weight by increasing muscle tissue, which burns more calories than fat does.

So continue to get 30 minutes of cardio or moderate exercise three times a week – and start adding a F.I.T. training session one or two times a week. Your muscles, bones, and joints will thank you!

Here are two apps that can help you keep your commitment to getting F.I.T. – sign up, download the app to your iPhone and pick the number of days a week you pledge to hit the weights at F.I.T as well as the penalty that will be charged to your credit card if you don’t. The app knows via your iPhone’s GPS if you’re actually at the gym when you tap the check–in button. Meet your weekly target and win cash; the money comes from lazier users who fall short of their marks. – Put $21 into the site (via PayPal or a credit card) toward your 21-day goal, and for any day you skip or if you fail to check in regularly, you forfeit a dollar to a group of charities, including Habitat for Humanity. When the time’s up, you get your remaining cash back – maybe all 21 bucks if the habit stuck.

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The benefits of strength training are simply far too great to ignore regardless of your age and gender. The more consistent you are with your training, the more you will benefit especially as you age. – Sam Omidi