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January 15, 2017 – 

When people realize they have gained some extra pounds from the holiday parties and mention this to me, I like to offer some free advice … set a goal and develop a specific plan of action to return to the body you had before the holidays.  Nothing is more upsetting than thinking about how far you are from your best body and knowing how much hard work is ahead of you.  But if you really understand how important it is to you and you really want to make a change … you are half way there!  The other half is deciding what path to follow, and this is where a professional can help.

First, what is the goal?

Getting specific does matter.  If the only goal is to weigh less, decrease your food intake and increase your exercise.  No problem.  There are weight-loss centers all over the place.  The problem can be that they only limit your diet and you can deplete your muscle (you lose weight and your metabolic tool).  Muscle is the one tissue you want to keep, losing the fat is a much more important goal.  That is the true challenge.  If you cut too many calories you are going to lose muscle weight and that is bad.  The 500-calorie a day diet (HCG injections) runs on the same principal and it is NOT good for your long term health (Read Chasing Life by Dr. Sanjay Gupta).

So the question becomes, what is your goal? Lose some fat and shape up right!  Good, that makes a new conversation and plan.

If you are not lifting weights you may not be building muscle, and muscle is your friend! In my history I have never met a single person who built up muscle too quickly.  Nobody “gets huge overnight” even if you have been muscular in the past.  The ‘overload principal’ must be applied and the diet balanced to develop the right building blocks for muscle to grow, muscular growth takes work.

Secondly, is your goal safe?

What intensity is best for you and do you know how your body is designed to move weights or exercise without getting injured?  These are very pertinent ‘goal-setting’ factors.  Maybe your goals are up for review now?  Contact me so we can develop a plan to go after that new you!  If you are not well on your way to seeing change by March then you either did not follow the right diet or you are not burning enough calories … the balancing act of any good plan.

Free advice – decide if you are living in the body you want with the ability you desire.  If you aren’t, decide if you are willing to follow a plan to get there.  The ONLY way you feel any younger in this lifetime is to improve your fitness and movement.  Facelifts, false teeth … it did nothing to make you live a longer healthier life.  Get your health back. Live well!

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“People neglect upper body strength as they get older, but it’s good for posture, bone density and even helps your lungs ward off pneumonia if you find yourself in a hospital or bedridden.” – Dr. Sanjay Gupta