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FIT Client Testimonials

FIT Client Testimonials

Read Ann H.’s testimonial on how training with F.I.T. Human Performance has changed her life, posted June 2016

I am going to start with the bottom line: go see Bob Geib at F.I.T. Human Performance! It is the best thing you will ever do for yourself.

I first met Bob shortly after I turned 59. My body was showing and feeling the results of a sedentary lifestyle for the last 15 years. About the only things I had going for me were healthy eating and good genetics. I was stiff after riding in the car or sitting for several hours, it was not easy to bend down to pick things up, my muscle tone was gone, and my strength had diminished. It concerned me that if I ever needed to help care for my elderly mother, or even my husband down the road, I would not be in the physical condition needed to do so. It concerned me that my poor physical condition would prevent me from enjoying the rest of my life to the fullest.

For several years my husband and I had talked about getting back in shape. That’s as far as it ever got…talk. It was a desire, but we never made it a goal until this year. On the recommendation of numerous people (many in the health care profession), my husband and I saw Bob for our initial consultations / assessments in mid-January 2016 and began training with him on a regular basis. After just a few sessions I noticed a difference in my energy. After a few weeks I was able to perform “activities of daily living” with ease, and noticed toner muscles when I looked in the mirror. After two months my husband and I both felt better physically and mentally. Now, after four months of working with Bob we have more energy, are stronger, more flexible, look better, and if possible, are even more in love with each other than before. (Must be those increased endorphins from exercise!) All that, plus we have gained a new friend!

You might say, “I can get those benefits working out with anyone.” Not exactly true. Bob has the experience, knowledge, credentials, and passion to fine-tune the training sessions to each individual. You work one-on-one with him in his gym; there are no distractions. He has an endless array of exercises; training sessions are never boring. Hard, yes. Boring, no. He makes sure you use proper mechanics when exercising and thus use the correct muscles for the correct job. Plus, Bob is a fun guy who makes training sessions with him fun! He is the ultimate professional, encourager and motivator. He doesn’t let you quit and you never feel “less”. Working with Bob makes you feel good about yourself. He truly wants to see his clients healthy and happy. It is obvious being a trainer is not just Bob’s job; it is his life’s calling.

It is now summer. We have left The Woodlands for a cooler climate and won’t be back until fall. My husband and I continue to work out on our own, but I know I’m not getting the same benefits as I do when training with Bob. I was physically depleted at the end of every training session with him, but left with a smile on my face. Join the fun and get FIT. Go see Bob! You will forever thank yourself.

– Ann H.

Read Melanie P.’s testimonial on the benefits of training with F.I.T. Human Performance, posted September 2015

“Bob knows his stuff. He is knowledgeable, friendly and committed to helping his clients. I am four months post right hip labral repair with extensive debridement. I did a squat for the first time in three years!!! All without pain! I am amazed. Thank you so much!!!”

Melanie P.

Read Dr. Alan Hubbards testimonial on why he trains with F.I.T. Human Performance, posted February 2015

I was referred to Bob Geib at F.I.T. Human Performance by a radiologist friend of mine who had been working out under his direction for several months. He said, “You won’t believe this guy.” Now I have been working out for several months under Bob’s direction and my friend was exactly right!

I think Bob knows more anatomy than I knew in medical school an his knowledge of the “function” of the human body is far beyond anyone I have known. He has an endless repertoire of exercises to address and fine tune every muscle and muscle group.

Bob is the consummate professional and gentleman. Only rarely have I know people whose heart is in their work and Bob is one of those unique souls. I have told him that I consider him not only an expert in his field but he actually has a “healer’s heart”. He genuinely wants to help us and make us more whole.

I feel better, am stronger and I am more mentally alert than I have been in years. I can recommend Bob to you unequivocally and without reservation. Please do yourself the biggest favor you can imagine … call Bob and get started. You will never stop thanking yourself for being so smart.

Alan Hubbard MD, FACS  http://www.alanhubbardmd.com

Read what Dennis R. had to say about training with F.I.T. Human Performance, posted June 2014

I started 2014 at 243 lbs and as a former collegiate, I decided enough was enough and had to do something about my weight and more importantly, I had to do something about my health. I joined FIT in February 2014 and through the guidance of Bob, I was down to 203 lbs by June 2014. I had been a faithful, card carrying, membership dues paying member of 24 Hour Fitness for many years without ever stepping in the doors to work out. Many of you know what I’m talking about, right? It wasn’t until joining FIT that I found a love of working out along with watching my nutrition. I now have the knowledge and tools to help me continue to maintain my weight loss and have a healthy functional body so I can enjoy watching my daughter grow up. I couldn’t have done this without FIT.

Dennis R.

Check out Susan – 3 point ball balance, single arm tricep dumb bell extension – FIT training rocks!, posted August 2013 

Read what Susan has to say about training with Bob, at F.I.T. Human Performance, posted May 2013

Bob –

Your ears must have been burning because Vivien is your best PR person, when I got back to the studio, Vivien, Rose and Catherine had just arrived to glaze their pieces.  They each wanted to share their wonderful workouts with you, even if they had to buy more Epson Salts!!

You have to know that we think you are the best and most intuitive, trainer around.  I am sure the younger and more agile clients are easier to work with, but we certainly appreciate the push you give us.  Sweat is good!

Susan C.

Read Ruth’s testimonial on why she trains with F.I.T. Human Performance, posted September 2012

I’ve been training with Bob for almost a year now and while I have worked with quite a number of trainers over the years, I can say without a doubt that Bob is the BEST! Whether you are an athlete striving for peak performance or someone trying to get into shape, a young person wanting the most effective workout or an older individual trying to stave off losses in flexibility, Bob is the trainer you want. He has a passion for fitness and for coaching his clients to their peak performance. The workouts are completely customized to each individual and work to redress functional deficits and imbalances while taking into account any previous injuries and health issues. Bob’s training as a physical therapist and extensive knowledge of kinesiology means that if a physical problem prevents a muscle group being worked in one way, Bob immediately comes up with an alternative approach. No two workouts are the same so one doesn’t get bored. The effects of his program are evident in just a few weeks: a toned look, improved posture, and greater strength and flexibility. You get a lot of bang for your buck and it’s fun!

– Ruth H.

Watch and hear what Darrell Jones, has to say about high intensity functional interval training and the advantages and benefits of F.I.T. Human Performance, posted May 2012


Read Judy Larson’s testimonial and watch as she talks about the changes and improvements in her health after training with F.I.T. Human Performance, posted March 2012

I started training with Bob during a time of year when no one else does, between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It’s now December 29th, and in spite of enjoying the holidays, I have actually lost a little weight.  More importantly than that is the fact that I have new and noticeable muscle definition and I am losing inches in my waist.

My clothes already fit me better and people are asking me if I have lost weight.  The biggest difference so far is in my abdominal muscles and my calf muscles.  When I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, it astounds me that my body has changed this much this fast.  It doesn’t even look like me!

The workouts are not easy, and no matter how hard it is for me, Bob doesn’t let me quit.  He really knows what he is doing, and he knows how to target all the muscle groups, and customize the exercises to work specific areas.  His new gym has all the latest new equipment, and it’s really in a great location, very easy to get to from just about anywhere in The Woodlands.

It’s not easy to get up early and go, especially knowing how hard it will be when I get there, but I am so pleased with the results, that it makes it all worthwhile.  Bob has literally transformed my body in 5 weeks, and we are not even done yet!  I can’t wait to see what I will look like in 5 more weeks!  I highly recommend this man.

– Judy L.