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Fitness Studio

Fitness Studio

About 38 years ago I knew then and there that working with people was ‘my knack’ and truly what I wanted to do with my time.  One of my first jobs was one that changed my life physically, emotionally, and professionally.  Exercise was another word for playing at that time in my life and learning the technology and science of exercise or fitness created a value to share with my friends, eventual clients.  Today I remain dedicated to my passion, profession, and people.  Thank you YMCA.




There have been hundreds of ways to exercise and stay healthy over the decades and I have seen them come and go.  No matter what method, technique, or machinery was invented – the underlying intention was consistent as exercise was present.  So through the years I have found the health club environment evolve and the size and scope vary dramatically.  From the garage workout space, Local GYM, YMCA, ‘big-box’ Multi-sport Sport Club, and Corporate Field houses like with schools and institutions.  So much to offer, so much to gain…all based around exercise for the consumer to stay young and healthy.

My personal belief is the bigger the arena, the smaller the personal attention.

Personal Training has become as broad in its service and scope as well, yet the same underlying intention remained consistent, exercise is present.  Personalized  training skills to ensure safety, education, consistency and accountability should be paramount or you are hiring a new friend to watch you exercise.  F.I.T. Functional Individualized Training,  located in The Woodlands, TX  has decided to exist for you the consumer.  Passionate about the practices, protocols, and principals that keep getting in shape a positive experience!  With fitness comes confidence, you can get in shape!

For those of you who work with us at F.I.T. Human Performance I encourage you to set some new goals for the Holidays.  Yes, I said it…the Holidays!  Took a good 6 months to fall out of shape and it may take the same to bring it back.  IF your not exercising and think it is time to ‘get your motor  running’ … please call us at 832-813-8101 for a visit.

The first workout is on us, we just want to find out how well you move your body and if there is a risk to exercising.  Secondly we want to set a baseline and some goals to reach.  Lastly and most importantly, show and teach you what ‘Functional’ training is all about.  And that, is injury prevention and safety.