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Fitness Goal = Health


July 7, 2013

strongAll of my life and professional career as a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast I have been amazed with the human body.  It is really hard to believe how perfect we all are.  We are not all created equal however, I for one cannot slam dunk a basketball, run very fast, or lift a car.  Some people can do these things, and do them well.  Genetics do have a role in all of these accomplishments, as much (or maybe a bit more or a bit less)  than the effort required to make them a reality.  One thing is constant, with great effort comes great accomplishment.

Yesterday I was speaking with a friend about his strength and how ‘goal setting’ was a big part of his success.  My friend exercises and works as hard as he can.  He shared with me a story of a goal he set and how he accomplished that goal.  His goal was to lift a particular weight, one of the biggest hand held weights available (a Dumbbell). With a balanced diet, adequate rest, exceptional mechanics,  and a lot of hard work …. he met his goal!  And I know it is true. In turn;

  • a boy set out to slam dunk a basketball … and did it!
  • another wanted to run a 10 minute mile … made it happen!
  • a Body Builder who had a vision … more success.

When anybody sets their mind to a certain goal, the process begins. The decision creates the vision, the plan provides the ‘how’, hard work and commitment bring the goal to fruition.  Truth is,  genetics are a blessing and for most people the means to an end … but the hard work takes time.  Often I will meet somebody who tells me they “don’t want to lift weights because they don’t want to get too big”!  That always makes me smile.  To validate their comment they often mention, “oh you don’t understand, you have no idea how huge I get!” Well if it were that you should find an Olympic event as soon as possible!

No BODY can do that, muscle growth takes great effort.  The genetic factor plays a magnificent role in muscular development but lean muscle mass takes too many other variables to hypertrophy (the increase of the size/shape of a body part.)

Honestly, the true goal for everyone should be great health.  For some that may entail the opportunity to ride a bike to Austin, TX; to paddle a raft down the Guadalupe River; to conquer a long hike; or run a 5k.  For others great health may be as simple as just being free of injury or disease.  No matter what your goal, it all starts with health and fitness.  The matter of health is muscular.  If the muscles loose their ability to work, every aspect of your health suffers.  Not everybody will end up with big bulky muscles, that body requires multiple hours a day, week, month, or years to achieve.  Most bodies find fitness to be a toned or lean muscle mass that allows great mobility and strength.   Afterall, the new slogan for fitness today, “STRONG is the new SEXY”.  Come develop your health goals with F.I.T. Human Performance.

In good health,


“Our growing softness, our increasing lack of physical fitness, is a menace to our security.” – John F. Kennedy