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Fitness Games

Fitness Games

What a spectacular evening. Fun, FITness, and Friends. Check below to see the pictures of the fun and read the list of raffle winners!

The Amazing Race”, a mini-sprint cardio challenge on three popular stationary machines; Concept II rowing, Versa Climber, and Treadmill

FIT Factor”, a balance challenge using exercise balls and core strength in two categories – Standing & 4-Point, and Knee Ball Balance

Are You Stronger than a 5th Grader?”, a  test of ability according to current physical fitness standards in three categories, push-up, sit-up, and pull-up

Raffle winners:

Starbucks – Kendall Walker

Busy Body – Judy Larson

My FIT Foods – Lindsay Payne

Be sure to start training and get FIT so you can compete in the Summer 2013 FIT Games!