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December 1, 2013FITYogawithDaveR2

Recently F.I.T. Human Performance was fortunate enough to have a ‘yoga master’, David Romanelli, teach a class…a FIT yoga class.  When I say ‘yoga master’ it simply means someone with the experience inside an industry that is still in its infancy here in the West (in America.)  He is at the top of his field and has earned the freedom of choice with how, where, and when to teach.

David Rominelli met my wife at a yoga conference during her 6 months of yoga teacher training. (She received her yoga certification under the teachings and practices of Jonny Kest, National Director of LifePower Yoga.) Since that time David has been my wife’s mentor and came to teach FIT’s inaugural yoga class.  He also has a National Best seller, Yeah Dave’s Guide to Livin The Moment  (that book he signed for a few of you after class).

Oh, and did I mention there was a man attending this class?  Ouch, me! Class was last Thursday night and my hamstrings are just past that point of soreness we all know about after a good workout, right?!  I think I did ok, but nothing like the women in the front row. An important lesson I learned about yoga from the class; at one point David asked us to hold our arms out, like a letter T, and try to relax and breath.  He explained that no matter who you are in life … if you hold your arms there long enough the body starts to scream at you to stop because it gets uncomfortable.  At about one minute into the pose I may have been the first one to start rolling my head from side to side, grunting in silence (no  whining in a yoga class) and thinking when oh when will this hell end?! His point was clear, to find a spot in your mind where you can relax and breath, as the discomfort is temporary.

This mental fortitude is precisely what elite bodybuilders and the Worlds Strongest Man contestants have to have. Their goals are not easy and take diligence, diet, and determination.  Who knew yoga could build such strength.

The class was great and I look forward to taking classes in the very near future here at F.I.T.  For those of you who did attend the class, Thank You.  For those of you who wanted to, Thank You.  And for those of you who totally missed this opportunity, we are so sorry.   It was fun, and the chocolate was delicious! Hope we see you on your mat soon.

In good health,


“Remember, it doesn’t matter how deep into a posture you go – what does matter is who you are when you get there.” ~ Max Strom