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FIT Online gets In Shape


February 26, 2012

The FIT online scheduling system has gotten ‘in shape’ and I want to be sure you are all aware of the new look! Keep your eyes and emails open for continuing updates, specials and promotions coming in the near future.

To signup or logon simply go to and click on the SCHEDULING tab then the ONLINE SCHEDULER button.

You will be taken to the LOGON or SIGN UP screen where your will see four tabs –


From YOUR PROFILE tab you can update your PERSONAL DETAILS, complete your HEALTH and LIFESTYLE questionnaires, update your BILLING INFORMATION, and view your ACCOUNT and PURCHASES.

Simply click on the BLUE calendar icon to book your next appointment.

YOUR APPOINTMENTS tab lets you see all of your recent workouts.

While the CLASSES tab lets you view any available and open classes for the week.

The SERVICES tab lets you see and select from any of our FIT plans. Click the service you’re interested in to view available packages. To purchase simply click the Shopping Cart icon.

Lastly, two VERY IMPORTANT highlights …

Booking Cardio – In an effort to help us, help you, we have added the functionality to book not only your cardio time, but also the piece of equipment you want to use. Of course, you can use any piece of equipment, booking ensures the equipment you want is available and helps you and us keep track of which equipment you are using, letting us develop the most effective and comprehensive workout plan for you!

Health & Lifestyle Questionnaires – Help us continue to provide you with the highest quality FIT plan and feedback by completing your Health and Lifestyle Questionnaires. Complete them by March 17th (St. Patricks Day) and get a FREE T-shirt or My FIT Journal!

In good health


‘The healthy, the strong individual, is the one who asks for help when he needs it. Whether he has an abscess on his knee or in his soul.’ – Rona Barrett