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October 22, 2017 –

Question, what do these two photographs have in common?

Last week I was working with a new client who had been doing some personal training at a large ‘Big-Box Fitness Facility’ with a plethora of amenities and staff. We went over to the Lat-Pulldown machine and before I could say a word she sat down, grabbed the bar and said “I like this one”. Quickly she pulled the bar down and ‘behind’ her neck. Oh my! NO NO, that’s a no no. She looked baffled as I explained the contraindication of the movement. After my long (and I might say, very well done) dissertation on the risk associated with the exercise she had just performed, she simply said “but that is how my they told me to do it at ‘Big-Box Fitness Facility’.

My point is this, as the world becomes more advanced where we live in a world filled with almost unlimited information and opportunities, we must evolve. Much like Uber has changed the transportation industry, technology has changed the fitness industry. Many of the activities, machines, and ideas of yesteryear just do not make sense today. Not only are they dangerous, but they are not doing what you wanted them to do. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, does that feel right or seem safe? Please do not be fooled, some exercises may be hazardous to your health.

Copied from a recent social media post. (DO NOT DO THIS EVER!)

Do you trust your trainer?

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A big mirror to exercise in front of is essential.
Jane Fonda