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Don’t Bypass Your Problems


April 23, 2017 – 

Your body is brilliant and I highly suggest you listen to it. For starters, think about how well you move today. A friend of mine has a slight problem putting on socks, another cannot squat down deep and get back up without help. For a while my wife could not get up off the floor without using her hands or something to hold on to. (She read this and said I should tell you that with training, she can now perform this function.) If you can’t scratch your own back … there is a problem. So I say, ‘Don’t bypass problems’ – Bob Geib.

Whatever behavior you are currently doing will only make matters worse if those behaviors are not identified and improved so they can rectify those problems. What I know from my years to doing this work is that many problems are simply dysfunctions at the nearest joints. Let’s try an example; if you are wearing socks and standing on a tile or wooden floor – squat down – now look at your feet. Did they turn out? Did your heels lift up? These problems are easy to fix, and I encourage you to come learn what to do to solve the problem rather than bypass it.

If you opt to do nothing, you are likely to expect these new problems;

1. Inner knee pain from your medial collateral ligaments.
2. IT band tightness.
3. Low back tension and pain.
4. Achilles heel damage.
5. Posture deterioration and rounded shoulders.

And the list goes on. All of these can be avoided with a simple fix, and not bypassing an obvious problem.

What else is your body telling you that you are you not listening to? If you really want to know, FIT offers a simple 7 step screening to determine muscle tension, prime mover strength/weakness, joint mobility, and core strength. The FIT Functional Movement Screen (and it if FREE).

Yes, before any exercise program begins or before you start looking forward to your Summer Shape Up consider a FIT Functional Movement Screen. If your body is telling you something … listen, look, and learn. And for goodness sake, get FIT!

In good health,


“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” – J.P. Morgan