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Do You Have a Charge?


December 2, 2017 –

For some of us who recall looking for a blue phone booth to pull into, toss a dime in and make a call  … one stressor we never had to deal with was ‘do I have a charge?” Next time you look at your phone, you will probably unconsciously notice how much charge you have available. I think the phone/camera has us programmed to observe those little bars.  Today with conference calls, photo ops, watching the end of the game, checking your likes on Instagram, or simply managing your garden on FarmVille, we are in need of our charge.

My point is this … we are so in tune with our electronics and making sure they do not run out of energy why don’t we as human beings place the same value on our bodies energy level?

Feeling sluggish in the early afternoon?  Ask yourself what food you had at breakfast that did not fuel your body?  In the photograph below I bet this guy is thinking, “Oh my goodness, those steel cut oats with fresh strawberries tasted so good I think I’ll run an extra mile!”


Now that I brought the subject up, I bet many of you are thinking about your nutrition and energy levels today. I am happy I could tap you on the shoulder about it.  This article is not a license to eat, but rather a reminder to eat nutrient rich foods to fuel you for your days.

A good rule of thumb, if you purchased it through a window it may not give you a full energy reserve.  If the packaging your food choice sits in or on is covered in grease stains, you may be adding calories that take a LONG time to break down.  And, if your food is so sweet that it sticks to anything … plan on it sticking to your belly for a long time too!

Remember, an apple a day makes your energy stay!

In good health,


“Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence. All parts are interconnected.” – T. Collin Campbell