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Diet Confusion Creates Delusion


January 10, 2016 – Diet

Speaking to a client earlier this month we had to agree on an honest fact about the D word. Diet! Over the past few months he has packed on weight and said “I cant help it, my family was here and the holidays, and blah, blah, blah …”. And you know what? I totally understand and often feel the same way. Now I don’t claim to be a licensed nutritionist or in this case a certified know-it all, but one things is undeniable, the DIET industry is very confusing.

Here is what I do know, too much of a good thing when it comes to food and calories…isn’t a good thing. And the fact is, when any of us go on a ‘diet’ we should do so without false belief, opinion, or delusion.

The million dollar question … what is the best or healthiest ‘diet’? This is where it gets confusing and whom do you trust to know the answer? Off the top of my head and without even searching the Internet here are some diets or diet plans that are not only confusing but also contradict one another;

South Beach
Gluten free
Blood type diet
Fish diet
Raw food diet
Depletion diet
Jenny Craig
Quick Weight loss
Medifast diet
Paleo diet
And all the other myriad of books (including my coffee table book), and all the information on TV…. oh how confusing!!!

Those are just the ‘diets’ and ‘diet plants’ thatI can come up with off hand. Confused yet? Me too, because each of them have some fact that either changes your way of thinking or living, or both. And until somebody is willing to do both, changing their way of thinking and their way of living, starting any diet is pointless. If you want to lose weight, you can do it. But if you know that you are not going to make a lifestyle change, you won’t likely lose the weight or reach your goals … Period! I do know one thing for sure and it is one of the few (I come up with only two) common elements in the multitude of ‘diets’ and ‘diet plans’ and that my friends is this … exercise is a critical element to any diet or plan because you want your muscles to stay strong. If somebody tells you otherwise, they are likely proposing you become a pill eater so that the scale weight changes as your lean muscle mass dilapidates, and trust me it is temporary. I promise! Liposuction is quick, very painful, and unless your lifestyle changes, it is temporary too. After all is said and done you will still need to exercise to maintain your muscle mass, bone mass, cardiovascular system, immune system, balance, posture, coordinated strength, oh, and let’s not forget your metabolism.

If it is time to find a diet to motivate you now or in the near future call me and let’s make a plan that is right for you so you can succeed!

In good health,


(P.S. The one other common element in those diet plans … eat REAL food. Leave the processed, plastic, pretend food at the drive through!)

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” – Ann Wigmore