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Dead or Alive. It’s Up to YOU!


January 21, 2018 –

Just this morning my wife turned to today’s calendar and showed it to me…

Dead – Rigor mortis (Latinrigor “stiffness”, mortis “of death”), the third stage of death, is one of the recognizable signs of death, caused by chemical changes in the muscles post mortem, which cause the limbs of the corpse to stiffen.[1] In humans, rigor mortis can occur as soon as 4 hours post mortem.


Alive – Vigorus ( vigorous – strong, healthy, and full of energy.

Not only is the calendar phrase 100% right but it applies to each of us, physically.  Last night one of the dogs was barking because it knocked a ball under the stereo cabinet… when I bent over to grab it, I had to get onto my knees. Still couldn’t grab the ball, eventually I had to lie on my back to reach it, and then had to get back up.  Now I’m a rather limber guy and in pretty good shape … or so I thought.  Not too many years ago I’m certain I would have balanced on one leg, squatted down, leaned over that leg, turned my torso and reached for the ball and popped right up like a spring.  OK, so what happened?!  Well I could say life, but that is not the whole story.  So, here is the truth;

  1. Tissue impingement – gained 20 pounds since college so my belly got in my way.
  2. Tissue tension – from my low back down to my heels felt tight.
  3. Strength – have not practiced that exercise … no current muscle memory.
  4. Balance – the out of practice brain sending signals to get down low to the ground and back up using one foot … a little rusty.

Back to the calendar quote – STIFFNESS is a companion of death.  My inability to squat and flex my spine does not mean that I am nearing DEATH, but suggests my quality of LIFE could suffer.  The quote is simply a reminder you can visualize; think of a baby sticking its foot into its own mouth (Flexibility) and then think of a senior citizen practically unable to put on their own shoe by lifting one foot up onto the other knee (Stiffness).

When I see somebody walking around in slippers I often wonder … are they so tight they can’t bend down to touch their feet and tie their shoes anymore?  Perhaps. So, if you are not stretching your joints and muscles out then you are likely getting to tight to squat down to or near the floor and stand back up with ease.  Think about it … try it …?

Let FIT show you how to stay flexible.

In good health,


Flexibility is the key to stability. – John Wooden