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Complexity is the Enemy of Execution


April 2, 2017 – 

If you want to lift weights and become the strongest man in the world, there is no shortcut or magic movement. If you want to be shredded and live with that visible 6-pack abs body, there is no shortcut or magic movement. And, if you want to overcome poor balance, poor posture, or poor movement the repair is honestly about getting back to the basics and keeping it simple. ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ somebody once said.

Walk in to any gym on earth, look at the different areas of exercise and principles; the Cardiovascular Theatre, the Aerobics Studio, the Spa, the Yoga Studio, and the very popular Weight Room and think about who in those rooms ‘looks’ the healthiest. Typically the people getting stronger with resistance training sport the best physique’s and can maintain those bodies consistently. Neat thing is … the people with the greatest success in the weight room keep it simple. Consistent, yet simple.

Tony Robins phrased it best when he said ‘complexity is the enemy of execution.’

To know how to do 100 different exercises for the body is great, to know how to do about 10 exercises for the body and how to do them perfectly is what really matters. The main reason I consistently change a persons movements/exercises, mode, technique, protocol, repetitions and set range is to teach you variety. And the best part about that is the changes break the monotony of exercising. The key is … consistency! Dedicate to an exercise program that lasts longer than a week or two, changing a habit or pattern takes 3 weeks or 21 days. Diet, exercise, sleep, and behavior … all require a commitment on your part.

And yes, I am here to help you execute a simple and effective plan.

In good health,


‘Vision without execution is hallucination.’ – Thomas Edison