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Comfort Weight … changes over time


May 19, 2013

weightEvery one of us knows a body weight range that makes us happy, AND that is not too difficult to maintain.  The problem becomes … we are getting older.  As a matter of fact, since you got out of bed today, you are older.  We must all understand that along with the joys of aging come the physiological changes that might move your ‘comfort weight’ as well.

Last month I had a friend explain to me that his weight was (let’s call it 199lbs) and he was at that weight for years.  Now after several years and several beers, his body weight is higher.  We can all figure that equation out,  but it is more than just food intake and the quality of those food decisions.  It is activity, or lack thereof, that also plays a big role.  This friend now has a very stressful job and drives an armchair at his office for several hours each day.  When he was younger he was in basketball or baseball almost year around and went dancing at night.  AGAIN, we all know the answer … right?  I have said it before, the Law of Thermodynamics, calories in = calories out.  IF you take in more than you burn up, the difference is visible.

Here is my point … as our age increases, so does our comfort weight.  Most of us no longer have the free time to play a sport for several hours a week – some of us are handcuffed to our desk-chairs – others of us really like to eat. All of us will find out that our body-parts continue to grow (I am referring to our internal organs).  Yes, the heart and other internal organs all grow with time.  When you start to gain weight, fat cells surround your internal organs first, then the body chooses where to save the rest.  We never just gain weight on one leg or in half of the stomach…it is proportional and in every case it is where your body (endocrine system) wants the extra calories to be stored.  It is out of your control, no matter what!

Time, knowledge, desire, and effort determines our comfort weight.  A key component is our decision making.  Glass of wine = 100 calories (or so), as does 30 minutes on a treadmill (or so) … by the end of the night will yours equal?  If not, to what side of the scale will you rest?  Decisions are power!   Now my friend is determined,  he changed his diet, stopped drinking alcohol, and made himself spend an hour on the cardio equipment each day.  We talked about his BMR (metabolic rate), discussed safe fat loss/muscle gain, and water intake.  He is doing great!  He has lost over 20 pounds and is ready for summer.  What changed for him were his decisions, his caloric intake, and his commitment to himself.  His supposed ‘comfort weight’ is still 20 pounds higher with 10% more body fat than when he was younger, but he is adding years to his life. And, yes he is having beer again and looks better than 90% of his peers.

Sound like you?  IF you are thinking ‘that could be me’ … let’s do this!Find some time to contact me. I want to help you uncover the new and improved YOU!

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“We can reverse years of damage to our bodies by deciding to raise our standards for ourselves, then living differently. Old wounds heal, injuries repair, and the whole system improves with just a few changes in what we put into our bodies and how we move them.”