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YourTomorrowOctober 20, 2013

What if the health and fitness you experience right now, right at his very moment, is what you will live with forever?  A long and healthy life, just exactly the way you are right now!  Would you, could you, be happy?

While talking with Austin today I had an epiphany, and here is how it  all started.  We were talking about kids and how they don’t really want to go to the gym, mainly because they don’t have a round belly, they don’t feel a lack of strength, and they don’t experience back or knee pain.  I shared with him a comment I heard from a Medical Doctor yesterday,   she said, “don’t chase pain … you will never win”. I explained that if you have pain and ‘chase’ it with a remedy, it is often too late, and the pain will be present for the longer time before relief begins.

Bang, it hit me …  a perfect analogy for fitness! It is like saying, “don’t chase health and fitness … it takes time and work”.  Once your lifestyle, body, and actions have led you away from health and fitness, there is no pill or remedy. No quick fix.  Doctor or not, if you do not decide to make the necessary commitment to changes in your current lifestyle or fitness level, the best it is going to be is exactly how you are right now.   Right now, how do you feel?

The million dollar question is what to do? Assuming no injury or disease, without a plan of action, your body is happy just the way it is.  If you feel there is room for improvement in your health and fitness level then make a choice to end the year in better shape than you started. Consider defining some clear goals. At FIT we would love to sit down and help you develop a customized plan to reach those goals.  Get happy with your health and fitness … you are worth it!

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“I’m enjoying myself this year and for once I am not chasing my fitness.” – Jamie Redknapp