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April 9, 2017 – 

This morning a friend told me when she walked in what she wanted to work on during her session. She said ‘I want to work on my chest muscles today’. She went on to explain that over the weekend she was staying with friends out of town and then she told of her friends huge home, but mostly she very surprised with the full wall mirror in the powder bathroom. While walking around in the oversized room, she happen to catch a glance of the woman in the mirror and … to her happy surprise … said she practically stopped to look again as ‘she’ was that reflection.

CHANGE had happened to her and she just wasn’t aware.

Her story made me happy, as well as the fact she had realized her hard work was in fact paying off and her body was the proof. Another point she made, and I quote, “I had to get past a threshold to realize the change.” We went on to discuss why change takes so much time and how unfair it is at her age. Yes, change was quick and easy when life was quick and easy, but many of us were so very young then.

Our next conversation was about the lady who lived in the home they had visited. This friend of hers was about the same age but did not exercise, and it showed. She said the lady was not much older and not much heavier, but that her skin just hung off of her skeleton like bags of mush. Apparently the chest bones were much too obvious which made her want to build up the chest musculature so that it would not happen to her.

Knowing that building the body takes time and hard work … what changes are you willing to work on to shape your body?

Challenge me, walk in and ask for that workout! Let me show you what it takes. So, bring it! Let’s make change happen! Safely.

In good heath,


‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.’ – Socrates