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Bikini Body, Water, and You


April 28.2013

At the end of the summer last year you may have promised yourself …drinkwater

“next summer I am going to be in shape, ripped!”  Then came the rest of the year, the holidays, your birthday, and a hundred other reasons to forget that promise to yourself.  Now here comes another summer, right around the corner.  So if you are one of those last minute “fast fitness” thinkers, I would like to weigh in …  STOPPIT!

My Dad told me when I was a little boy, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” It was usually when I figured I beat the system in some way that the lesson became real. Once I found a cool bike at a rummage sale for $5 only to find out when I got it home that it was a piece of junk.  Lesson learned.

Want a bikini body fast? If you are 12 to 16 years of age, I have good news, if not, then you already know the answer.  There is no SAFE quick fix.  What I can offer is some solid advice.  Drink more water!  Here is why …

During your day if you do not eat regularly, which is often the case with a busy schedule, your body suffers. I was told by my Mom as a child, “if your tummy makes noise, grumbles, or aches a little bit you are hungry.”

For years I knew this to be true and ate until I felt better. Fact is this is no myth, if your body is hungry it will let you know.   What is happening – your hypothalamus just sent you a signal.  This marble or pearl size computer in your body is the control center for many autonomic functions of the body.  And yes, it works without your control.  However, and please understand this, the same signal sent by the hypothalamus to tell you that you are hungry is the identical signal sent to your brain that you are thirsty.  But almost all of us race for food first.

Back to weight loss and the quick fix for a summer body, think about what your body is telling you.  Yes, food is your friend and should be eaten regularly, in small quantities. But water is not just as important, it is more important!  We live in Texas where it is hot as H-E- double hockey sticks and that perspiration we feel on our skin when we are outside, is body water and if not replaced can be dangerous.  So listen carefully to your hypothalamus, don’t mistake hunger for thirst.

In good health,


How much water should you drink?  MORE!  The calculation is rather simple; body weight/2.2= weight in Kilograms.  And, 1 oz. of water per kilogram of body weight is what is needed to properly hydrate your organs.  Or use my answer – MORE!