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Benefits of Walking


Benefits of WalkingSeptember 11, 2016 – 

Walking is the quiet calorie killer!! First of all, walking truly is an activity that has no boundaries and is self-intensity monitored. IF you want a very aggressive workout your mind will be creative and you can find the speed, elevation, or terrain to spike your heart rate and challenge your body. For those who just wish to add extra movement to their current fitness or exercise plan the additional time from point A to point B is bonus activity and calorie burning.

Walking is a user-friendly activity where you can work as hard as you want. I have a few techniques and strategies to share that may help you this year on your way to a FIT Happy you!

Walking is a calorie-burning activity.

Your weight and the distance you walk determine the energy calories burned while walking. Walking speed matters less than the distance you walk and how much you weigh. A rule of thumb is 100 calories per mile are burned for a 180-pound person and 65 calories per mile for a 120-pound person.

Calorie burn calculator for walking (click the link)  to see how many calories you will burn at distances from 1 mile to 10 miles, plus half marathon and marathon distances at different walking speeds from slow to fast.

Exercise from the ground up! So, ground to foot activity. Foot to knee, knee to hip, and so on through the shoulders … swinging arms …your body is exercising! Walking is your friend, so go take a walk!

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“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.”
― Steven Wright