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May 21, 2017 – 

Now I can honestly say that I have never in my life reached down to pick up a baby off the floor, I have not needed to.  I had two friends in today who were sharing the nonsense of how mean I am … like I said, nonsense. Then they started saying how much easier it is for them to pick up their grandkids from the floor today than it used to be. One woman stated that she “can even hold one baby, reach down and pick up the other one, and hold both at the same time … and still walk around.”  I shrugged my shoulders thinking “whatever.”  But there is going to come a time one day when I will be doing just that, and I will definitely be capable as I practice my squat pattern, low back and core strength.  No problem, but that is because I practice.  I can grab both of my dogs of off the floor, they are my babies!

Apparently I have no idea about babies as they explained that they squirm around, vomit, the head has to be supported and there are always distractions.  Ok, well the good news is that they now CAN both do the ‘baby lift’ safely and efficiently.    

Occasionally I will have a friend or colleague say “nope, I don’t do deep squats … Heard it is bad on the knees.”  Well the ‘jury is in’ on that topic and the jury is smart!  If done correctly deep squats are extremely effective at maintaining range of motion in the lower body joints, improving muscular strength in the large and secondary muscles of the lower body, and increasing bone mass of the hips and legs.  Now I must say, that is all really good news.

Not all people are suited to just do deep squats, some people live with hip or knee replacements.  Some people have spine disorders or maybe balance issues.  Knee pain and muscle tightness and so many other reasons not to overcome their inabilities …  I pray that you can and would like you to try.  If not for your mobility and longevity, do it for the babies.

In the recent past I sent out a Bob Report called ‘Baby Squats’ to bring attention to the proper movement and mechanics of the squat with todays exercise plan.  Now this article takes us one step further, whereas the squat is the same hip action and movement as the Olympic Lift (the feared ‘deadlift’). Not scary, just challenging.  Little did these Gramdmas know that this act of going all the way down to their ankles to lift up that baby off of the floor IS in fact a Deadlift, just a much more challenging one.  For one, it is much lower than the bar is from the floor when executing a proper Olympic lift.  Secondly, a baby isn’t a fixed weight but a giggly bag of soft bones that moves around and needs a supported head.


SO, have you practiced your Babylifts lately?  Go ahead, hop up out of that chair and try bending down to pick up a baby, can you?  I can! If you felt a tightness in your spine, hips, or heels … it is an easy fix.  Be honest with yourself and make a plan to FIT yourself … or let me help.

In good health,


‘The myth that women shouldn’t lift heavy is only perpetuated by women who fear work and men who fear women.’ – unknown