Are you stable?

Are You Stable? (Core Stability)

Core Sability

Core Muscles

August 16, 2015 –

Within a second your tummy can tighten, flatten, and secure your lower back (aka core stability). This most amazing physiological change happens when posture or a flat stomach happens. Your brain remembers that the basis of both actions is primarily autonomic (occurring involuntarily).

If suddenly you were going to be judged on your posture your core would tighten, your shoulders would fall back and your ribcage lift up. And the interesting thing is that all of these actions happen without you even considering the movement patterns. Another analogy I often use is, if you knew you were about to get punched in the tummy (I mean really knew a jab was on the way) you would quickly protect yourself. Not by blocking or moving away (ok, maybe you might) but your first reaction would be stabilizing your core! In a millisecond your brain would send just the right signals to just the right muscles at just the right time to make that group of abdominal muscles create a sheath of soft tissue (or core) of muscles to protect your organs and your spine. And, all of this is done without your thought or direction. It is an automatic response of the brain/body homeostasis called the autonomic nervous system or maintaining a stable internal environment by coordinating, adjusting, and regulating the body’s visceral activity*’. Question … are you stable?

When you do send a signal to that mid-section, do you feel it stabilize? Do you feel your tummy, sides, and low back get firm and secure? Try it! Were you surprised just how stable your core is? If you did not feel that physical and physiological transformation in the soft tissue supporting your upper body, do you know what to do about it? I do, and that is a one of the primary goals of F.I.T. Stability as a building block of proper balance and posture. Question … can you stabilize?

When these stabilization muscles are coordinated and functional they develop our balance and our posture. So, no low back pain and no slumping shoulders. That is about the most effective gift our brain can give us and it is really just about being conscious and sending just the right signal from the brain to the body. Question … do you have a safe plan to get stable? I do, call me today.

Learn how to stabilize your core and regain your balance and posture.

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“My strength comes from the abdomen. It’s the center of gravity and the source of real power.” – Bruce Lee

*National Academy of Sports Medicine, 3rd edition