Are You Skinny Fat

Are You Skinny Fat?


August 23, 2015 – Skinny Fat

For those of you who are lucky and capable of eating all day and night and never gain an ounce of weight, I have a question for you. Are you skinny fat?! In layman’s terms, are you a wreck on the inside? Have your muscles gone to mush, is your metabolism sluggish, your immune system deficient (your always sick), do your joints hurt, or maybe you just see yourself as fat. Is that you? Skinny fat is a real and serious problem. See the Time Magazine article, the Today Show segment, and research done by the Mayo Clinic on the health dangers of being skinny fat.

MichelinManHere is the good news, there is a real solution … it is exercise. Simple as that, just get your muscles back America! I believe that the widespread epidemic of skinny fat and obesity and the mushy ‘Michelin man’ shape boils down to something very basic, we all stopped building muscle! If you cannot feel a muscle in your arm, leg, of midsection then it is time to get back in the gym and (safely) lift some weights. Think you’re too out of shape or too old to work out? Well you are NOT! I can help.

Start today at feeling better and building muscle … you will look better too!

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“I was what they call skinny fat. My body resembled a python after swallowing a goat.” – A.J. Jacobs