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Are You Ready for some Football!


September 24, 2017 – 

For some reason I can no longer think that sentence without picturing Carrie Underwood singing the song and singing it along with her. Jingles are marketing money! If you don’t realize that football season has begun … it’s time! At the end of the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Harvey I pray those who were truly affected by the storms and high water will find some ray of hope and sunshine soon. I even feel that as a community we all felt that the Sunday lunchtime game with the Houston Texans would be that hopeful reason to celebrate and cheer. But, NO. That’s ok… its just one game.

We all view football differently and watch the game for a variety of reasons. I personally am intent on the athletic performance. Amazed at how fast these guys are running, how quickly and effortlessly they change direction and move laterally at the wink of an eye, to hear the thud of shoulder pads and effort. I LOVE IT! The gear these men wear to protect their bodies is like armor and has improved almost every season for the better, helping to cut down on injuries. As a child all I really noticed when it come to football was color and shapes, I happen to be fond of the star and the color blue … and still today I love them Dallas Cowboys!

So here we were sitting in front of the TV watching the Seattle Seahawks make a drive down the field and again I am simply amazed with the running and movement. A play happens and I am intently focused on these athletes and my wife say’s (right out of the blue in the middle of a play) “his shoe is untied.” HUH, WHAT… shhhh. I looked at her and she gave me the look, you know the one that demands attention. She said it out loud again, his shoe is untied. As a man I told her no, the shoes have supported lace covers as not to be an issue and protect the arch of the foot. She grabbed the remote and made her point… argh!

Who saw that?! I mean look at the foreword lean, arm angle for thrust, hip extension, all driving momentum. Look at the reaction time of the defenders! And…a wild untied shoelace. Nuff said. If he had taken time to tie his shoe would the game have ended differently? Is that why they lost? I think not, but Sharon made her point. Then again later she voiced another observation “look, he is tying his shoe”… yes another pause. It is going to be a long season for me but its nice to know she is paying attention. Yes honey, that was a good observation. Thank you.

So are you paying attention to your gear? Are your shoes tied? Is your head leaning forward or upright to begin the posture I harp on all the time? Does your tummy lay dormant and bulge out or are you sucking it in and stabilizing? Are you hydrated? Are you paying attention to your balance and movement? When you sit, do your hips tilt before your knees bend? When you go up steps, are you using your gluteus or your calves to step?

Think about it the next time you get up for another beer, I mean water. And when you go sit back down, try to do with proper form this time. All of these movements, and we should be practicing using the right muscles to do the right movements. It makes all the difference in the world and if these 280 pound men can do it then so can you. Now, in closing …

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!

In good health,


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Tom Landry