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Age Happens


May 27, 2012

No matter how hard we work on our health and fitness…age happens.   And for that, thank God!  Each passing year brings a new blessing of age; joint pain, muscle loss, decreased metabolic rate, energy deficit, loss of bone density, loss of skin elasticity… well if you are like me and remember the 70’s you may be finding many of these blessings are already yours to say grace over.  The sign’s of age, are not ‘the end of the rope’ but rather ‘a tap on the shoulder’ to take care of your SELF.  Life is good, and life is fun if you are healthy!  With healthcare costs on the rise, the last thing any of us want to contend with is getting unhealthy (or un-healthier) as the road back to health gets stepper the older we get.   

At F.I.T. Human Performance we understand just what healthy aging means and take a look at the basic needs of the body and work into a total fitness plan from that baseline.  We feel a full range of motion is important, and if you are active, it is crucial to safe movement (and to not falling – remember ‘Help I’ve Fallen and I Can’t  Get Up’).  Not too long ago my wife and I were traveling.   We were on our way to catch a flight and had our bags in hand.  As we were riding up the escalator we both looked over to see an older couple with their bags climbing the staircase.  I think we both sucked in our stomach when we walked up to the gate and looked at them both.  We instantly realized they embodied the level of fitness we both wanted as we age. The lifestyles we all want to continue to live requires we commit to exercise and functional fitness … and that is exactly how we train at F.I.T. Human Performance.  

This year we are going to start F.I.T. TRIP!  A once a year mini-vacation to reward ourselves for maintaining our health and fitness, and to show others (the younger ones riding an escalator in the airport) that age is relative. The trips may range from a few days to a full week and will be focused on a healthy, active lifestyle. The best part is that we will go as a group (yea group discounts!) and enjoy an exciting activity, our health and wellness, and all the other blessings we have been given.   This year’s inaugural trip is six fun filled days and nights of white water rafting (188 miles to be exact) through the Grand Canyon!  The point of FIT TRIP is to have fun, celebrate life, and empower us and our clients to stay strong and healthy as we age. The rewards are sooooo worth it!  Again, life is fun and FIT feels good! 

Now, get up off the sofa and contact me today with some great ideas for FIT TRIP 2013! 

In good health, 


“Building strength can prevent injury and so many aches, pains, and strains that keep you from enjoying life. As a teenager, strength training was about building muscle, today it’s about fat loss and keeping the gears greased so I can enjoy life as long as possible.” – Myatt Murphy