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About Us

About Us

Welcome to F.I.T.

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The premiere fitness and personal training studio in The Woodlands

Functional Individualized Training

F.I.T. provides clients with specific individualized functional assessments and ongoing optimal performance training helping clients achieve their highest level of human performance. F.I.T. is goal setting for cardiorespiratory conditioning, flexibility training, and musculoskeletal resistance/strength training.

Our goal at F.I.T. is helping you achieve and maintain your optimal functional human performance level.

The mindset at F.I.T. Human Performance is catering to clients and designing programs that address functional capacity as part of a complete fitness plan developed especially for each individual client. Our training programs incorporate each individuals environment and specific goals, and address any muscle imbalances and movement deficiencies needed to improve in order to achieve optimal function and to decrease the risk of injuries.

Bob Geib Testimonial

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Why Choose F.I.T.

The personal service and high level of knowledge and training provided by F.I.T. Human Performance gets clients back to enjoying fitness, allowing them to reap the benefits and advantages of a healthy functional body.