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About F.I.T.

About F.I.T.


About F.I.TF.I.T.Human Performance

About F.I.T.

Our Company

  • Highly skilled, experienced and  knowledgeable ownership dedicated to providing outstanding service to clients
  • Individualized focus, designing  programs to help clients achieve and maintain their specific fitness goals
  • Convenient location and  affordable pricing

Our Vision

F.I.T. Human Performance providing F.unctional  I.ndividualized T.raining to help you achieve your optimal human performance  level.

Our Mission

F.I.T. Human Performance is a community based fitness  center located in The Woodlands, Texas, dedicated to helping clients achieve and maintain optimal human  performance via functional individualized training. F.I.T. is committed to providing the highest level of service to clients.

Our Core Values

    • Strength – Helping clients achieve  full body functional fitness for head to toe well-being.
    • Confidence – Encouraging through  setting and working toward the achievement of goals.
    • Positive Spirit- Helping clients build  strength and a positive self-image through fitness.
    • Optimistic  Attitude – Strong belief that we can overcome our furniture  dictated posture and physical instability
    • Community Involvement – Be a strong community  partner.

“What you are now is what you have been. What you’ll be is what you do now.”- Buddha