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A Workout a Day (you know the rest)


February 10, 2013

The evidence is clear, say heart experts. Breaking a sweat regularly is one of the best things you can do for your ticker. Here a just a few ideas when you get off the couch and head over to F.I.T.


“It makes your blood vessels more flexible, so they are more resistant to plaque build up. “Nieca Goldberg MD explains. Try for 30 minutes a day or if you are pressed for time try out our new F.I.T. HITT Program. We will teach you how to put your valuable time to good use, plus it can be a great first STEP on the climb to SUPER FIT.


“It helps lower your risk of heart disease by reducing your body fat.” Dr. Goldberg says. It may also reduce insulin, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels – all risk factors for heart disease. Aim for an hour, twice a week. Check out one of our F.I.T. specials  or grab a friend a share a workout.

At F.I.T. it’s all about you … just let us know how we can help.

In good health,


‘I’m not training for a competition. I’m not trying to set a new record. I’m not trying to impress you.  I’m saving my life.’