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When is your 50K tune up … are you due?


June 4, 2017 – 

If you are about 50 years old (many of you can relate to this). Often times in my past I have heard people say to me “wait until you turn 50 years old, it is SO much harder to get into shape and lose weight!”  And, for all the times I heard that comment I just shrugged it off and thought, ‘well that will never happen to me’.  Huh…

For a variety of reasons and a variety of excuses,  the comments I shrugged off regarding shaping up in my 50’s were true and coming to fruition.  Crap!  The client that just left happens to be 67, and honestly is in marvelous health.   She says it is just a matter of discipline.  Talking with her husband ,he was honest in his assessment of her lifestyle “there are many things I love about her (big pause and eye-roll) one thing I don’t is her self-discipline.  EVERY morning she wakes up and walks, does push-ups and sit-ups, and stretching”.   I think he is jealous.  Her health is her priority!

There are a few of you out there who are in tip-top physical condition and your health is like a brand new car. There are some of you who might be on your way to the scrap yard.  For those of us in between, it might be time for a tune up, shoot maybe it is time to get a new motor, transmission.  If you know you need some help … get some!  The longer you wait the harder it gets, and I will say this, trust me, just wait until you turn 50 years old… it gets a lot harder to get back into shape.

The aches and pains, the medications, the busy schedule, the hours at work, and of course the 8 hours of sleep … who has time for exercise?!  You do by golly! The most valuable asset you have is your health.

Get busy living healthy or get busy going to the scrap yard all broken, bent, and worn out.  Stop in for a tune-up!

In good health,


“For a while I felt like luck and circumstance decided success, but I have learned that success is really the ability to bloom where you are planted. Once this became clear to me I was able to see how whatever the moment brought was either something I was going to use to create success or something I was going to use as an excuse for not doing so. In either case, I was going to be the deciding factor, not my circumstances.” – Rolf Gates