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March … literally


March 4, 2012


A change of seasons represents an optimal time to plan and organize your quest for the ‘Summer Shape-up!’ Seems like every year that first really nice day comes too soon. We dread the chilly mornings and say to our friends “brrr, I hate this weather. Just cannot wait for summer.” Well, wake up people. It is here, or at least VERY near. Now ask yourself, on that really nice day are you ready to go outside wearing a pair of shorts and a sleeveless shirt? Fitness allows you to wear what you want with the confidence to love how you look!

The winter weather gave us too many excuses not to go outside and exercise and it may take a few weeks of diligent challenging workouts to truly get into summer shape. I strongly advise starting today! OH, and by the way…March is National Nutrition Month. What this really means for you and I is a social consciousness toward balancing our daily intake of proper foods and nutrition. Summer Shape-up is truly only a few weeks of smart FITness. No getting injured, no getting lazy, no excuses… get a plan! Functional Individualized Training will hold you accountable and get you into those shorts with confidence and firm up your arms, guaranteed! It starts with your commitment to yourself. You won’t regret it. You are worth the investment in yourself!

Take a hike! Go outside and March! Do something! Be aware that just starting is half the battle and quitting is the end. Fitness is for life, and F.I.T. Human Performance is a complete boutique fitness facility with state of the art equipment and training using the most current professional training principles. Perfect Personal Training!

A good walk, hike, or march is always good for a few hundred calories … a F.I.T. workout … perhaps 1000 or more! Yes, this is true fitness. Summer Shape-up starts now. Got posture? Get your posture back. Got balance? Make it happen! Don’t hesitate, you had plenty of time to do that while it was cold outside.

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