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2012 Olympics . World Class Fitness


August 19, 2012

The Unites States always does well and rightly so…we hold all the right cards!  We have the best amenities, great opportunity, technical training, and a fairly large population of athlete’s.  After all was said and done in this Olympics, it is obvious that athletes around the world are training hard and breaking records!  

  • Once again, the United States, China and Russia, to a lesser degree, battled to become the nation with the biggest haul of Olympic medals. Ultimately, the U.S. was victorious. That is no surprise: their teams, resources, training facilities and so on, produce athletes like Michael Phelps and Gabby Douglas.
  • Also compelling are the nations that carry their weight in medals, like Slovenia. The Slovenes won four medals: gold in judo, silver in track and field and bronze in rowing and shooting. With a population of 2.06 million people, that works out to one medal per 514,385 residents, the best per-capita medal rate among the 59 countries that have won at least one medal.
  • Interesting as well are the new and varied ways that fitness and sports have evolved. Just look at the latest Olympic competitions, 2012 added women’s boxing, mixed doubles tennis, and track cycling; and in 2016 we will see golf and rugby added to the list of sporting events.

I believe the Olympics is more than just a country versus country sporting event.  We each cheered for the USA and watched as thousands of others did the same.  Still, whether individual or team medals … it came down to the individual who had sacrificed and trained hard and excelled at that one moment in time. Not one single athlete who made it to the Olympics should be considered less than an Olympian or world class athlete.  All who participated are world class!  And to each, we applaud you!  Let’s all get inspired by their examples and focus and train to become the best we can be. 

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Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson